The Price of a Bridal Bouquet Explained

“Why are bridal bouquets so expensive?” It’s a question we in the flower industry hear often enough and see brides thinking when they flinch at the price of a bouquet they’ve shown us from Pinterest.

A lot more time and effort goes into creating a bridal bouquet than most realize, so we’ve broken down the main differences for why bridal bouquets are more expensive, specifically when compared to the kinds of flower bouquets you may see in a florist shop.

Extra and specialized flower stock

Ready-made bouquets in a florist shop have been usually made with seasonal or readily available blooms – flowers that are readily available in the shop. The flowers used are typically quite common and are easy for the shop to get in.

For a bridal bouquet the florist needs to order your flowers in to ensure they’ll have the flower stock for your wedding day, and order extra stock to be able to use the best blooms for your bouquet. Bridal bouquets also tend to use specialized flowers or blooms that are not common or not in season.

Crafting a bridal bouquet

A florist shop bouquet might have been made with multiple others just like it, and would’ve taken the florist a fraction of the time it would’ve taken to make a bridal bouquet.

Wedding bouquet

Ready-to-go bouquets often contain fewer blooms, more foliage, and less time.

Bridal bouquets tend to have more flower content and density. With more flower content, it takes more time to create the bouquet, and with bridal bouquets the florist may need to take extra time to wire blooms into place

and create the perfect shape for your bouquet.





Time and organization

Florist shop bouquets are made when needed or when it’s expected to be busy.  Very little organization is required outside of having enough floral stock and giving the florist time to make the shop bouquets.

Shop bouquet

Bridal bouquets take a lot of time and organization. Florists need to organize when to order the flowers in, how much flower stock is needed, and how much time they’ll need to create the bouquet (and other floral pieces) for the wedding. If the florist creates your wedding florals too soon, blooms may start to wilt by the time of the wedding, and if they don’t leave enough time they may not be able to put on the finishing tou

ches that make your bridal bouquet and wedding florals look like perfection. The florist will also need to account for time and craftsmanship if there is any on site wedding setup as well.

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