How to create an affordable wedding bouquet

Bouquet using non-traditional foliage

When it comes to weddings everything costs money and a lot of it, especially wedding florals, but it’s possible to have an affordable bridal bouquet for your wedding if you know what to ask for! Here’s our guide to creating a beautiful bouquet that’s within the budget.

Use common flowers

Now when we say common flowers, it doesn’t mean you have to go picking wildflowers in your backyard (unless you want to of course).  Use flowers that are in season and readily available. Many bridal bouquets use flowers that need to be ordered in, flowers that are harder to grow, less common, and generally a lot more expensive. Using local and seasonal flowers can greatly reduce the cost of a bouquet, especially when there is a lot of flower content.

Bouquet using common flower stock

Consider a smaller or less dense bouquet

More flowers = more money. Bouquets that are smaller use less flowers are therefore more affordable than the same styled bouquet at al larger size.  If you can’t compromise on size, you could also consider choosing a style of bouquet that is less dense with flowers. By less flower density, it means your bouquet will use less flowers at a larger size. If you still want a full looking bouquet consider using larger blooms or more foliage. Speak with your florist and find out what they can arrange for you.

Bouquet using non-traditional foliage

Use Foliage

Foliage (leaves and other kinds of greenery) is another way to create an affordable bouquet. Foliage is typically less expensive than most flower content. You can still achieve a big beautiful bouquet if you’re willing to have some more green in your bouquet. For those with pollen allergies, beautiful all green bouquets are possible as well!

Keep it simple

Adding multiple types of flowers and flowers in multiple colours can also affect the price if your florist has to order all kinds of flowers and colours in. Keeping to a colour scheme, with  about 3-4 colours at most is ideal, with the colours being common or natural flower colours.




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