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How to create an affordable wedding bouquet

Bouquet using non-traditional foliage

When it comes to weddings everything costs money and a lot of it, especially wedding florals, but it’s possible to have an affordable bridal bouquet for your wedding if you know what to ask for! Here’s our guide to creating … Continue reading

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The Price of a Bridal Bouquet Explained

“Why are bridal bouquets so expensive?” It’s a question we in the flower industry hear often enough and see brides thinking when they flinch at the price of a bouquet they’ve shown us from Pinterest. A lot more time and … Continue reading

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The Young Gentlemen’s Guide to buying flowers for Mother’s Day (and other special occasions)

Buying flowers guide

For the person who continuously makes you the centre of her world and first priority, show mum how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day. (Let’s face it, we’ve tried listing everything our mothers do for us and who knows where we’d be without our mum’s help.)

No matter your age, mum will always love you, help you, and get you out of trouble. That’s probably why she has an entire day dedicated to her. But can you put into words everything she does, how much you appreciate it, and how much you love her for it? Continue reading

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