The Young Gentlemen’s Guide to buying flowers for Mother’s Day (and other special occasions)

Buying flowers guide

For the person who continuously makes you the centre of her world and first priority, show mum how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day. (Let’s face it, we’ve tried listing everything our mothers do for us and who knows where we’d be without our mum’s help.)

No matter your age, mum will always love you, help you, and get you out of trouble. That’s probably why she has an entire day dedicated to her. But can you put into words everything she does, how much you appreciate it, and how much you love her for it?

For when you can’t express just how much mum means to you, send her flowers. Always sweet and thoughtful, flowers are full of more meaning than you can say with words.

To send her the perfect message, mix colour and flower meanings to say just the right thing.

Generally the colour red represents love and romance, pink means joy, sweetness, or admiration, purple is associated with royalty, dignity, and respect, white is innocence, purity, or forgiveness, yellow represents friendship and cheerfulness, and orange means enthusiasm, desire, and passion. But what flowers should you buy for the mums in your life?

Full of happiness, love, joy, innocence, and longevity, Chrysanthemums are a wonderful gift for mum to remember to enjoy life’s little moments. Chrysanthemums are just meant for mum!

You can never go wrong with Tulips, the flower of “perfect love” because no love is as full and forgiving as mum’s. You’ve tried and tested it many times; you know it must be love.

Orchids exude love, beauty, refinement, and fertility – the perfect representation for your wife and mother of your children to show her how special she still is. Sometimes she may forget with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Remind her that she’s only become more beautiful nurturing your children and your love only grows watching her care for your little family.

A timeless classic, Roses are the definition of love and romance. Roses, whether for romancing or showing mum she’s in your thoughts, always convey the perfect message: Love.

However don’t feel overwhelmed by colour and flower meanings, her favourite flowers or flowers in her favourite colours are just as great because of the thought you’ve put into your gift and thoughtfulness into making her feel appreciated on Mother’s Day.

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